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A warm welcome in our city, Sopron!


The TAVERNA guesthouse serves its guests since 1984. This place is always popular and favored among visitors. From 2008, the guesthouse is available in a totally new shape for you. The location in the Táncics Mihály str. 15 is only about a 10-15 minute walk from the city center and the local tourist sights like the Lövér district, open air bath, museums, stadium, shopping opportunities or the market place. In addition to the accommodation, our guests are warmly expected to enjoy the atmospheric ambience in our restaurant downstairs.

It’s a pleasure to welcome our old and new guests.

Szakács Kálmánné
Owner's phone:   06-20-9-311-620
Telephone:   06-99-311-620
fax:   06-99-311-620